Your worst problem contains the blueprint for your enlightenment!

by | July 16, 2021

Your worst problem contains the blueprint for your enlightenment!
If we want to know our life story, it’s right there in our worst problem.

It contains everything happening in our psyche—both our full potential as a human being, and all that prevents it from manifesting.

A life problem can make us lose hope, or at least put a serious dent in our happiness.

But hidden within it is a roadmap to transformation and enlightenment.

So, how do we find this map and follow it?

Begin by sitting with your bad feeling.

Don’t try to get rid of it. Acknowledge and accept it.

Meditate on it for a while.

Then make a picture in your mind that represents the feeling.

For example, if you feel depressed, you might visualize a dark cloud or a someone stuck in the mud.

If you feel anxious, you might see a tornado or a terrified person running from a monster.

There’s no right answer—just whatever accurately portrays what you feel.

Note: Don’t make a picture of what you WANT to feel; make one of what you DO feel.

Then forget the problem, and allow the image to unfold into a story as if you’re dreaming.

Don’t try to understand what’s happening or attempt to manipulate it; simply let it happen.

Keep your negative ideas and interpretations out of it.

It’s a movie you’ve never seen before and you’re watching it from the outside.

Now, here’s the most important part: Be on the lookout for an unexpected, surprising, weird, unusual, distracting, or even shocking event—something that stands out.

Hone in on this specific part of the story and follow where it goes.

Then feel it in your body. Become it.

It contains the solutions and directions you need.

Allow this wakeful dreaming process to come to a natural conclusion and then answer these questions:

How can this surprising element of the story translate into your everyday reality?

How might it provide a solution for your problem?

How does it expand your self awareness?

Can you feel this and experiment with living it?

Your worst problem contains the blueprint for your enlightenment!

Dr. Zwig
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