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Hello! I’m a practicing life coach, educator, author, and consultant. I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I practiced psychotherapy in Switzerland for ten years. I offer in-person and online private coaching sessions. In my work I use a process-oriented approach to assist people with their personal issues. This means that I don’t conceptualize human problems as “disorders” (as formulated in the psychology diagnostic manual, DSM-5) and as might be diagnosed and treated by a psychologist. Rather, I view human problems as meaningful, purposive processes requiring a shift in awareness. I don’t do DSM-5 psychological assessment, diagnosis, testing or treatment, nor any type of medical diagnosis or treatment through my life coaching.

My coaching sessions are for the sole purpose of facilitating a client’s process to discover the life directions he/she needs to move in. To do this I help the client uncover the meaning and purpose of their problems and use this awareness for growth. I don’t approach clients with the idea that there’s something “wrong” with them that needs to be “fixed,” but rather that they have a meaningful process of change trying to come to awareness. Therefore, at no point during these sessions do I diagnose or treat a client with any kind of psychological, mental, emotional, or physical disorder as might be diagnosed and treated by a psychologist or other professional advisor. I don’t consider life problems to be pathologies but rather a client’s personal growth trying to happen.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Zwig: Psychologist-musician, Author, Educator. Private Coaching.