You’re always one decision away from living a totally different life.

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Always remember: Life is a process.

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Solving your problems requires making personal changes. Create a culture of change in your life; always be on the lookout for ways to adjust who you are and how you live.

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There are two kinds of depression—repressed anger and repressed spiritual awareness.

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Reject society’s script for your life; follow your own process.

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A relationship problem is, at its core, an inner problem.

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Psychotherapy is music; music is psychotherapy!

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Sometimes it takes a child to point us to the truth.

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Don’t confuse the labelling of your problem with the problem itself!

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The person you’re envious of is actually you!

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Wanna improve your life? Do a weekly tech detox!

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The concept of “mental illness” is based on culture and consensus, not science!

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Your darkness is trying to lead you to the new light!

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The #1 error in dealing with a life problem is having a set belief about it.

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Personal growth isn’t about “fixing” yourself. It’s about discovering and creating yourself!

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The disease model in mental health takes way the most important element in healing—agency.

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Do you see your problems as meaningful processes or meaningless curses?

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Depressed? You may have an invisible inner critic!

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Integrating your opposite is your ticket to growth, healing, and wholeness!

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After sixty years of research there still hasn’t been a study confirming a biochemical cause of depression.

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We all secretly long for inner freedom.

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Don’t suppress your problems—amplify and process them!

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What ignites the spark in your life? Walk this way!

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Psychological diagnosis is make-believe medicine.

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Do you see the beauty in life or do you just exist?

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Behind every problem is a process of inner freedom!

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Personal growth isn’t about correcting bad states of mind—it’s about uncovering their meaning and purpose for your evolution.

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Fear is the gateway to personal power.

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Unacknowledged needs manifest as life problems!

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Life problems are symptoms of unconscious yearnings.

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Processing your inner critic transforms your depression.

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Depression isn’t a “disease.” It’s a symptom of a personal growth process trying to happen!

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Beliefs should be based on truth rather than truth based on belief!

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What messes up your life is the seed of your wisdom!

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Traditional clinical psychology is pseudoscience!

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You can’t make deep change without processing your mother / father complexes!

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True wisdom doesn’t come from what you’ve learned in the past but by discovering it in the present.

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Medicine builds theory from evidence; psychology builds theory without evidence!

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The psych diagnostic manual created the bipolar epidemic!

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Personal growth and music are the same thing!

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There’s always an unseen process trying to awaken you to something deeper!

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The essence of life is change and growth, not static comfort!

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Asking yourself the right questions is the beginning of making positive change in your life.

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Don’t just “cope” with a bad situation—thrive!

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Music is magic and it’s also psychotherapy!

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Part of the stigma of mental illness arises from the concept of mental illness itself!

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The greatest fallacy of psychology and self help is that solutions to problems are generalizable.

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Always find time to do the things that make you feel happy to be alive!

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Contemplate your life from the view of the cosmos!

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Loneliness is painful but it has transformative powers if you use it right.

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Every problem is a reaction to something.

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The poison in our lives contains the hidden medicine we need to become our true whole selves.

Your psychology expresses itself through your body.

Relationships suffer when feelings and needs aren’t expressed!

Attention deficit has been normalized!

Mindfulness shouldn’t include directives!

Every relationship involves dreaming.

You need a little madness to cut the rope and be free!

Processing your issues isn’t a self help / personal growth method—it’s a way of life.

The solution to a relationship problem lies in the unspoken.

The mind controls the brain, not the reverse.

When you listen to music you’re doing psychotherapy on yourself!

Hidden within your worst problem is your potential highest self!

The mind isn’t a machine, it’s a musical process!

Hidden within our life pain and problems is an unborn voice of wisdom trying to come to awareness.

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Disrespect for nature has consequences!

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Mindfulness won’t solve your problems—you have to process them.

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Every event has psychological meaning—including social distancing!

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Bad states of mind aren’t illnesses—they’re personal growth processes.

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Your life issues aren’t “wrong.” They’re your personal growth process.

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The most difficult part of personal growth is being objective!

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Your troubles are your personal growth trying to happen.

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Your difficulties are there to push you to become a more conscious person. Use them for personal transformation.

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Music is enlightenment!

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Integrating your opposite is your ticket to growth, healing, and wholeness!

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Mental health diagnosis is philosophy, not science!

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Self criticism is the beginning of self love–if you process it!

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There’s wisdom in the waste!

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Are antidepressants the best treatment or just the best way for drug companies to make money?

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If you’re afraid to express your feelings, express all of them (including the fear)!

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Depression and anxiety are different expressions of the same process—unintegrated power.

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The self-help field suffers from “prescription syndrome.”

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To create harmony, first you have to polarize!

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Your inner critic is hurtful but the underlying process contains gold!

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To break free from the opinions of others, process them as parts of yourself.

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The negative stories you tell yourself contain hidden positive messages!

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The shadow of individualism is selfishness.

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Do you want to be symptom-free or self-aware and evolved?

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Feeling unloved/unvalued is an inner process.

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Sometimes we have to access another world to find the truth.

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Psychiatry and big Pharma take advantage of the public’s science illiteracy.

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A bad state of mind is a personal growth process, not a pathology!

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A good state of mind won’t solve your problems. You have to process them!

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The personal growth/self-help movement needs more social consciousness.

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Imagination is the divine force, the great healer, the transformer.

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Mindfulness is only the first step in personal growth.

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Depression & Anxiety are meaningful processes, not “viruses” to kill.

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Studies show antidepressants don’t outperform placebos.

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The mind is a rock n roll band—rebellious and sublime.

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Many self-help methods are overly simplistic solutions for complex issues.

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Psychology says the mind is like a computer but it’s not – the mind is like music.

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Changing your life starts with naming your experiences.

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Every day you must choose between fear and growth.

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If you feel people don’t understand you, it’s a sign for you to understand yourself better.

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There can be no personal growth work without social consciousness.

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Healing emotional wounds is a process that requires patience and tenderness, not a quick fix.

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The disease model in therapy is an outdated paradigm; the new model is process.

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Imagination is the new reality.

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Feel lost, lonely, and disconnected? The solution lies within.

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Anxiety always has a story behind it that’s asking to be made conscious.

Your past and future are happening right now.

Don’t resign yourself to your bad state of mind You can change it!

The more open-hearted and giving you are, the stronger the personal boundaries you need.

Talk to yourself like you talk to someone you love.

Your life is defined by the dividing line between who you are and the person that’s trying to be born in you every minute.

Anxiety happens in sensitive souls who are powerful but not conscious enough of it.

Adversity leads us down one of two paths—retreating into less or growing into more.

Mindfulness is the beginning of your freedom.

There is no one way or path to healing and growth.

You can’t let go of the past without processing it.

Comfort can kill you.

Fate has meaning.

Life happens from the inside out. Shift the inside and the outside follows.

Lonely isolation hurts but you can use it to develop your superpowers.⁣

Crises show us what we’re made of.⁣

Which path should you take in life?⁣ The path of heart.⁣

Events are not random. They happen for a reason.⁣

Challenging times demand we change and grow.⁣

Your mind has profound powers.⁣

Your mind, body, and spirit are deeply interconnected.⁣

Welcome adversity. It’s the spark to light your fire.⁣

There are always two stories in us. The first, is the one we tell ourselves. The second, is the one trying to liberate us.⁣⁣

Personal growth often requires you to stop conforming to others.⁣

Nothing is random. Hunt for the meaning in your experiences.

Every problem serves a meaningful purpose in your life.

Music is therapy. Therapy is music.

Don’t turn away from your problems. Turn into them. Use them to enlighten you.

Do you want to just get rid of your symptoms, or do you want to grow into your true, whole self?⁣

You’re a powerful co-creator of your life.

Your wounding is the beginning of your healing.

Don’t just try to override your problems. Process them.

Depression is repressed anger, power, or spirituality.

Look inward to process your reactivity.

In the trash lies the treasure.

We are always of two minds.

You are not your inner critic. Observe and process the negative voice you hear.

You have way more inner strength than you acknowledge.

Your difficulty is meaningful and purposeful. It’s trying to wake you up.

Truth sneaks in through the window in your psyche that you accidentally leave open.

One does not get enlightened by striving toward the light but by processing the darkness.

Every life problem contains a meaningful message of growth and change.

The climate crisis is an outward manifestation of an inner spiritual crisis in humankind.

You have the power to transform even your most impossible problem.

A problem happens when one part of you needs another part of you to change but you resist or are unaware of what needs to happen. Which part of you needs to change and how?

Don’t nourish your fears more than you nourish your dreams.

Within an overly busy, worried mind is an unconscious striving to know—especially oneself.

Personal problems are the raw materials for personal growth.

Find your own way to drop out and tune in.

You can’t solve a relationship problem without doing your own inner work.

Jump into your own independent journey and totally go for it no matter how crazy people think you are.

Bad luck is often disguised good luck but you have to dig deep to uncover the meaning.

Don’t just try to get rid of your problems; use them to awaken you.

Your most daunting problem is there to push you to totally transform who you are.

Instead of letting your problems victimize you challenge them.

Don’t ignore your problems. Study them. Use them to change and grow.

Confront conventional wisdom and trust your own way.

Pain in your life is an alarm calling you to examine yourself on a deeper level.

A chronic problem hangs on until you use it to change your life.

Life problems are meaningful processes to unfold not meaningless enemies to ignore.

A life problem is a sign of deep change and growth trying to happen.

It doesn’t matter what people think of you as long as you follow the path of your heart.

Climate change deniers are actually deniers of their own feelings—represented by Mother Earth.

The goal of humanity should be to eliminate man’s cruelty in all its forms.

No matter what, always keep the faith.

If you can’t refrain from using your phone, computer, and TV for one day, you have an addiction.

Your problems are symptoms of personal growth trying to happen.

Trying to be “normal” marginalizes and oppresses the creative genius in you.

No idealized way of being you hear about will solve your problems; you have to learn to tap into the wisdom of your own process.

Meaningful change is always trying to happen in you. Oftentimes the first sign is pain in your life.

What fear do you have of being your whole, true self in the world? Identify what holds you back and wrestle with it, debate it, process it!

You can’t find the meaning of life in a book. You are the book. You have to open it and find out what’s in there.

Identify what stops you from being your ideal vision of yourself. This is a core part of personal growth work.

How is your inner life creating your outer life? Hunt for the psychological connections.

Don’t be afraid of being totally different from everyone else. It’s like being afraid of your best and most creative self.

Believe in your innate wisdom. You know what’s right, even if your mind tells you otherwise.

Hidden within the ugliness in your life is a beautiful song. It’s playing right now.

Your problems are trying to get a message through to you. Are you listening?

We each carry the entire world in our psyches. Keep working against hate.

Never underestimate the transformative power of your most difficult times.

Your problems are not pathologies; they are signs of personal transformation trying to happen.

To change your luck you have to change how you relate to yourself. Your outer life is a reflection of what’s going on in your inner life.

Positive change is always trying to happen in you but the signs aren’t easy to recognize. They often first appear as something negative and unfair. Use your problem as your teacher.

If you were totally free in every way how would you live your life? Identify what stops you from doing this and work on it.

Sometimes a complicated problem can be solved by something simple like remembering how awesome you are.

Believe in the power of your process. It’s got a hidden wisdom. Trust it.

In the center of your darkness is a speck of light. Amplify it.

Everything you encounter in relationships is a reflection of a process in your own psyche. Try to identify what this is in yourself.

Whatever you suffer from has a hidden story with a positive meaning and purpose that is asking to be unearthed.

To truly transform a problem, you have to amplify your experience, explore it, and unfold its meaning, not repress the symptoms.

No matter how bad it gets, there is always something transformative within you.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, life problems are actually solutions; they push you to address deeper issues that you are either unaware of or ignore.

A prescription for unhappiness is to only seek happiness in the external world. Oftentimes what you need can only be found within yourself, not out there somewhere.

Don’t just try to override your problems. Explore them for their meaning and purpose in your personal growth.

Your inner demons are just frustrated parts of your psyche that are pushing you to grow. What kind of changes are you being challenged to make?

At the core of every personal problem is a positive transformative process trying to happen.

No matter what’s happening in your life, there’s always somewhere to return to – a person, a place, a spirit, or a dream – that gives you the right direction. Sometimes we forget this guiding force, but it’s always there; you just have to remember it.

Your darkness is the light masquerading as pain.

Always remember your highest dreams no matter what’s going on.

There are lots of books out there that tell you how to be someone else. I say read the book that’s inside yourself that’s being written every day.

Follow your process. Believe in its transformative power.

Who would you have to be to overcome your worst problem? What stops you from being this person? Food for contemplation.

Your worst problem contains your greatest undiscovered power.

No matter how bad it gets there’s always something transformative and healing inside of you. Call it personal growth, God, or rock n roll. It’s there. Believe it!

Create your own vision of yourself. Don’t let other people define what you should do in life. Follow You.

If you have the courage to explore your problems instead of just trying to get rid of them you’ll find they always contain a nugget of wisdom.

Look and feel within yourself for how to live your life. Don’t look outside at the world for how to be.

If you want to reach for the heights start at the bottom.

Just because you have a problem doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s your personal growth trying to happen. The problem is your wake up call.

The disease model of Mental health is a byproduct of both ignorance and the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Your difficulty is like a song-an emotional process with a message. What causes you pain contains the hidden music of your personal growth.

Your depression, anxiety or relationship issue is not a malfunction in a mind-machine like a software error in a computer. It’s a meaningful process that presents you with the raw materials for your self-development.

The experience of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, phobias, and delusions is painfully real, but the notion that these problems are “diseases” has not a shred of evidence behind it.

The psychology diagnostic manual is a dictionary of symptoms with no objective measures associated with them. A diagnosis of clinical depression is like a diagnosis of fever or chest pain—symptoms without any underlying principles or processes.

Psychology says the mind is not like a computer but it’s not-the mind is like music.

There’s a magnificent idea in you right now that could change your life. It’s the one that sounds the craziest!

Your problems are there to push you to become a more conscious person. Use them to help you become the awesome person you really are!

You’ve got a chance too do it right-yeah, it’s true. Don’t miss your chance to shine a light. Shine it through.

It doesn’t matter what you try to do when you’re waiting on heaven to make a move.

I’m just looking from behind the sun. I’m just having me a little fun. I’m just winging it on a prayer.

Gimme hope and dreaming. Will you make a wish that got some meaning.

Every need that cries alone sows a seed that finds a home.

Everything is better with music.

How do we make change in the world? You can’t beat people up to make them do what you want them to do. You have to lift them up instead.