Work on your psychological barriers.

by | October 27, 2021

Start your week by working on your psychological barriers.
Our psychological barriers consist of our fears and resistances.

They define the limits of our self awareness.

Working on them is the most important part of personal growth and healing.

Breakthroughs are great but they often don’t last.

We take a giant leap forward only to fall back to where we were because of unconscious blocks to change.

Even if we commit to a daily practice that continually puts us into the zone we want to be in, we miss the transformative power of our process by not processing the things that prevent us from naturally just being in this zone.

Experiencing fear and resistance is one of the most valuable experiences we can have…if we process it.

They’re ground zero for our process.

Everything in our life is defined by them.

They determine what we’re conscious and unconscious of, and who we are and are not (but have the potential to become).

I call these psychological barriers, our “edges,” because they represent the edge of our self awareness.

They’re like a road cutting through the middle of our psyche.

On one side lies our conscious, known self, our world view, our belief system, our personal history—our whole identity.

On the other side lies our entire shadow self—all the parts of ourself that are repressed or haven’t yet ever made it into our conscious awareness.

This other side also contains the collective shadow shared by all humans—the entire realm of unconscious information in the world—both positive and negative, creative and destructive, life-giving and life-killing.

Try this:

Choose an area of your lie you feel blocked in.

Identify what blocks you— An inner or outer critic, a bad experience in the past, a belief system, or simply the scary unknown of making a change.

Give the blocker a voice and let it speak to you. “If you do such-and-such this terrible thing will happen!”

Personify the voice; visualize a character speaking these words.

Dialogue with the character.

Then step outside the dialogue and visualize the two figures talking.

Imagine you’re a wise man / woman and give yourself some sage advice.

Rock yer day!

Dr. Zwig
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