Use Your Favorite Activity as Your Guide to Healing and Enlightenment!

by | March 08, 2021

Use Your Favorite Activity as Your Guide to Healing and Enlightenment!
There’s a reason we like to do certain things but it’s not just because they give us joy.

We’re drawn to these activities because they give us a taste of our higher self.

Everyone has something that temporarily frees them from the bondage of their limitations and life situations.

These activities can be healthy or unhealthy but they all aim at inducing this liberating experience.

Some folks get a high out of their work while others have a hobby or pastime they love—reading, exercising, meditating, playing a sport, communing with nature, rocking the guitar, or even just hanging out with friends and family.

We can also get a high through more direct pleasure producing activities like sex, drugs, love, booze, food, etc..

The reason we’re driven to partake in these actions is because we unconsciously seek something profound, namely, healing and enlightenment.

We’re often not conscious of what we’re really after but hidden within our cravings lie the keys to our personal growth.

Try this exercise:

Think of something you absolutely love to do.

If there’s nothing you get a high from these days because life currently sucks, remember the last time you felt happy and free, and recall what your favorite activity was at that time.

Imagine you’re doing this activity right now.

Take your time and go deeply into the experience.

Notice exactly what you feel and where you feel it in your body.

Be aware of your state of mind. Fully immerse yourself in it.

Then stand up and walk around the room embodying it in your movements.

Inhabit the whole experience.

Become it!

Now, imagine feeling this way all the time.

Picture it as your identity.

And imagine relating to people from this state of mind and body—then actually try it!

Ask yourself how this way of being can help you solve whatever problems you’re currently dealing with.

If you want to go a step further, identify what in you is against being this way (a fear, belief, etc.) and dialogue with this part of yourself.

We’re drawn to activities that connect us with a deeper experience of life; integrate these experiences into who you are as a person!

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