Start your week by connecting with what really matters!

by | March 23, 2021

Start your week by connecting with what really matters!
If you’re like most people you get so caught up in daily life you lose contact with what really matters to you.

What do you secretly long for?

Yes, we all want to get rid of our problems but the absence of them doesn’t necessarily connect us to our deepest yearnings in life.

What lies at the core of your desires / needs?

To explore this question contemplate your life in a relaxed, loose sort of way.

Feel into it. Don’t think too hard.

Don’t try to figure it out. Just feel, sense, and let your intuition guide you.

Temporarily let go of all the usual things you obsess about all day, and gently sense what’s underneath.

Notice your subtle longings and unsaid desires.

Take your time and really feel into it.

What do you yearn for?

Is it self love and acceptance?

Inner freedom?

Free expression?


Personal power?






If your answer is, “happiness,” you’re still not getting to the core. What’s going to make you happy?

Once you’ve got a sense of what you yearn for, close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing it.

Feel into it and make the feeling bigger, more intense, and more all-encompassing.
For example, if you want to feel loved, go deeply into how this would feel.

If you want to feel free put your mind and body totally into your imagination of feeling free.

Then amplify the feeling.

Get to know this experience.

Next, make a picture in your mind of yourself living this way.
Study your face, body, expressions, and actions.

Then, stand up and move your body in a way that expresses what you feel and see. Use your movements to experience what you yearn for.

Finally, put it all together into one embodied experience. Feel, see, move, and identify with this way of being.

After you have a good sense of it reflect on how you can begin to bring it into your life.

For example, how can you apply it to your problems, your inner life, relationships, work, and spirituality?

If you want to go a step further imagine what stops you from living this way, and contemplate how you can work on this block.

What really matters is living what really matters! : )

Dr. Zwig
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