Start your week by connecting with the creative power in your problems!

by | September 06, 2021

Start your week by connecting with the creative power in your problems!
The psyche has two main interacting parts.

One part consists of our primary identity. It speaks in “I” statements. “I’m so-and-so, this is what I want, like, dislike, think, feel, believe, etc..

I call this our “First Mind” because it’s the first thing that comes into our awareness.

The other part contains all that strives to expand this identity, increase its scope, heal, and liberate it.

It does this by disturbing our First Mind with problems, errors, accidents, depression, anxiety, attention issues, etc., as well as lucky fate and uplifting events.

I call this our “Second Mind” because it only comes into our awareness secondarily. We don’t intend it, it happens TO us.

Within these unwanted or positive experiences lies our growth process.

For example, our First Mind might say, “I want to feel happy and successful” but our Second Mind ruins this by making us feel like a depressed failure.

It does so in an attempt to shake up our First Mind (including our concept of happiness and success) in order to expand it.

Connecting with this growth process not only heals our depression but broadens our entire sense of self, as well.

So, how do we become aware of our Second Mind?

A simple beginning:

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, and come into the present moment.

Feel into your problem. Go right to the core of it; feel every detail.

Then make a picture in your mind of what you feel.

For example, if you feel anxious you might see a tornado. If you feel depressed you might see a dark cloud.

There’s no right image—just whatever accurately portrays your feeling.

Then imagine Being the image. Be the tornado, the dark cloud, etc..

Inhabit and personify it. Bring it to life as a living force or character.

Don’t be YOU suffering its effects; Be IT—the force. IT isn’t suffering. IT has creative power. IT has a message for you!

Ignore your First Mind’s negative interpretations of your problem, and let the image / feeling speak through you as a messenger.

Become IT and look back at yourself. How do you want your First Mind self to change?

Keep returning to this process and you’ll eventually connect with the message in your troubles.

Rock yer day!

Dr. Zwig

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