Be a revolutionary!

by | January 31, 2022

Start your week by being a revolutionary!
We all have at least one ongoing problem in our life that defines us in some way.

It persists over time and becomes part of our identity.

We experience it has having a certain power over us which we can’t seem to overcome.

But this seemingly intractable issue persists for a reason: It’s trying to push us to connect us with our deepest, most authentic, powerful self.

This nasty, unfair, impossible problem is actually our own power turned against us—the dark expression of our unknown or disavowed true process.

So, how do we loosen its deadly, blind grip on us?

There’s no one answer and it’s different for each of us, but one thing is certain: It will not go quietly into the night.

It demands revolution!

We’ll never be able to truly transform our depression, anxiety, attention deficit, phobias, fears, loneliness, addictions, and boredom by just being a “normal” person.

In fact, “normal” IS the problem.

If we could step out of our own shoes and into those of the spirit behind the problem, we’d scream at our “normal” self—“Wake up! Stop being such a boring human! Integrate my crazy wisdom so I don’t have to cause havoc in your life!”

Try this:

Think about a chronic issue.

Reflect on how you usually deal with it.

Then imagine you’re a revolutionary spirit.

You respond to the problem in a totally different way—one that’s empowering and freeing, irreverent, and in charge!

If you can’t imagine this, imagine someone else who could do it. If you’ve never seen someone like this, create an imaginary character.

Trust in the power of your imagination; it’s the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Visualize and feel into this character.

What would they do with your problem?

What outrageous, fearless actions would they take.

What would their mindset be?

Stand up and walk around the room embodying this figure.

What do they say to the inner and outer doubters, haters, and fearful ones?

Enjoy being a revolutionary for a few minutes.

Then ask yourself, “What stops me from actually Being this revolutionary?”

Herein lies your core issue, and it’s what you should spend time processing.

Start your week by being a revolutionary!

Dr. Zwig
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