Pictures of the Gone America

Dr. Zwig "Pictures Gone America"


  1. Gusto God
  2. Same Old Devil in a New Set of Clothes
  3. Children of Darkness
  4. One
  5. Insulated Hipster (And the Generation Y)
  6. Just Not Enough
  7. Pack of Lies
  8. Hobo Jungle
  9. Southern Escape
  10. Man of the World
  11. Top of the Mountain
  12. Two Who Made It One
  13. Jammin’ at the Igloo


An explosive mixture of old school raw blues and new school beats, vocals and electronica.


“… slide-guitar whiz Adam Zwig sounds reinvigorated on his new CD “Pictures of the Gone America.” Zwig’s reinvented sound marries bluesy slide riffs with jammy pop tunes, electronic beats, samples, DJ scratches and rap-style vocals. It’s music with humor, depth and plenty of theatrics…” – The Oregonian


Dr Zwig "Live at the Wiltern Theatre"

Live at the Wiltern Theatre

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Stones, Bones, And Skin
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Dr. Zwig "Pictures Gone America"
Pictures of the Gone America