Start your week by connecting with the dreaming process behind your reality!

by | May 31, 2021

Start your week by connecting with the dreaming process behind your reality!
If someone wanted me to give them a prescription for getting depressed, I’d say, “Stop dreaming.”

Life is a dreaming process.

As soon as we literalize our lives by assuming things just are the way they are, we die inside.

We assume that we download a preexisting reality and merely respond to it, but this is an illusion; everything we experience has roots within our own psyche, and that of the world.

Even the simplest perceptions like sight and sound originate in the mind.

What we see isn’t actually “out there”; all that’s out there are light waves jiggling at various frequencies.

Light waves have no color, texture, or object shape; all these things are generated in the mind/brain.

The atoms of an apple aren’t red; red is a private inner experience.

The same is true of music—there’s no sound out there; there are only vibrating molecules.

The pitch, tone, and timbre of notes don’t exist without a mind/brain to map them.

Psychologically, everything we experience originates within our own subconscious or within the collective subconscious of the world.

Everything’s a dream!

Our daily experiences—moods, emotions, states of mind, relationships, body symptoms, illnesses, etc.—are expressions of this inner story.

The same is true of the world: All events—positive and negative—arise from the collective dreaming process of humanity.

Try this:

Reflect on your current life situation.

Then loosen up your mind and imagine you’re a dream weaver.

Don’t create a dream you want, imagine you’ve created this person’s life (you) as it IS.

You’ve designed it as a meaningful story for him / her to process.

The plot has twists and turns that move in a specific direction.

The ups and downs, challenges, breakthroughs, confusion, and clarity are all perfectly placed within the narrative.

Tell the tale.

Then identify where you are in it, and what’s being asked of you in order to move the narrative forward.

This will help you unfold it into the awesome story that is YOU.

The more you consciously participate in the dreaming process that creates your life, the less it has to convey itself through sad, painful plots.

Dream on!

Dr. Zwig
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