Conventional Psychiatry and Psychology Are Pseudoscience

The current paradigm in psychology and psychiatry is deeply flawed. A few years ago an international review study in which 270 researchers on five continents, including the U.S., examined a hundred research reports in the most prestigious psychology journals, and what they discovered was shocking: Only 36% percent of the findings held up when the experiments were redone.

If you ask researchers anywhere in the world whether they have a problem reproducing experiments in biology, chemistry, or physics, they’ll tell you, no. So, what’s up with psychology?

Unlike all other fields of science, psychology is unique in that the human mind is both subject and object. In other words, the object being studied—the mind—is the same thing as that which is studying it—the mind. The mind is studying itself. The result is that objectivity in psychology is subjective! In order to get around this dilemma we need a process paradigm.