Your life is driven by the tension between who you are and who you’re meant to be!

by | August 19, 2021

Your life is driven by the tension between who you are and who you’re meant to be!

Our lives are divided into 2 processes—the person we identify with and the person trying to be born.

Between them lies a story.

It’s where our fears, beliefs, past experiences, and future unknowns live.

This story structures our life experiences and problems.

Change and growth require us to work through it as it unfolds.

However, it’s not just a matter of “breaking through” because breakthroughs seldom last.

We have to to become aware of what’s on the other side and what stops us from getting there.

Then we need to process the details of what blocks us.

A block isn’t bad!

It’s an integral part of the growth process. It’s there to push us into our strength, raise our awareness, and expand our identity.

Sometimes we need to crush it but other times it contains wisdom.

We can’t know which one it is ahead of time; we have to dive into the process.

Try this:

Where are you stuck in your life? What’s your growing edge? What inner change would really make a difference for you?⁣⁣

Identify what stops you from being able to make this change.

Is it an inner or outer critic?

A belief that goes against what you want to do?

A fear of what will happen if you go over your edge and make the change?

A bad experience you had with this issue in the past?

Or a distressing state of mind?

Then personify the block—give it a personality. If it was a character, would it be your mother, father, partner, the president, a celebrity, or an imaginary figure?

If you have no idea what blocks you, or if it’s something amorphous like the “world,” imagine it; create a fantasy figure that stands in your way.

Dialogue with the character.

Better yet, BE it! Role play it and then be yourself responding.

Talk to it.

Tell it your deepest feelings and thoughts, including the forbidden ones!

Listen to its replies.

Fight it. Learn from it. Process it!

It’s also helpful to have someone playact the figure for you so you can interact with it as if it’s a real person / being.

Go as far as you can pushing into your edge.

Take cumulative baby steps (or leaps) by repeating this exercise often.

Dr. Zwig
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