Dr. Zwig - Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Official Live Music Video)

“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues" official live music video by Adam Zwig. From the new album, ‘Live at the Wiltern Theatre’, featuring Adam Zwig and his band rocking out to a capacity crowd in Los Angeles! Recorded and produced by Grammy winner David Bianco.

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"He not busy being born is busy dying" - Bob Dylan

What do you think of this quote? He has said a lot of interesting things, so much so, that Adam decided to put Dylan's "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" into his set at the Wiltern Theatre, and Adam's version of the song became a Top Ten hit on the Adult Contemporary radio charts.

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Copyright Adam Zwig 2015
Special Rider Music / Seasac
Conscious Records, LLC
Album: Live at the Wiltern Theatre
Director/Producer: Randy Edwards
Director/DP: Christian Meyers