The Dr. Zwig Show Podcast - Psychologist-musician, Author, Educator

The Dr. Zwig Show Psychology Music Podcast Episodes

This podcast uses science, psychology, and music to show how life problems aren’t pathologies but rather personal growth processes trying to happen.

Dr. Adam Zwig is a world renowned psychologist, musician, educator, and author. He has been featured on Billboard, SiriusXM Radio, CBS Radio, and many other stations, and in People Magazine, SPIN, Pollstar, and many other publications. Billboard calls him a “Renaissance man.” In this podcast, he merges psychology, communication theory, physics, neuroscience, and music to show how painful states of mind and difficult life issues aren’t pathologies but rather signs of personal growth trying to happen. Each lively episode contains an in-depth discussion and/or a practical exercise for processing and transforming problems like depression, anxiety, attention deficit, trauma, relationship conflict, and many other common issues. While conventional mental health practice focuses on trying to suppress what it calls, “mental illness,” Dr. Zwig demonstrates how to use these distressing experiences as the springboard for making profound positive changes. This is self-help and personal growth with a strong scientific foundation that leads to self-awareness, healing, and success.

A personal note from Dr. Zwig:

“I created this podcast to help your connect with the hidden purpose and meaning of your troubles. Doing so not only heals your problems, it connects you to your whole, true self.”