The Dr. Zwig Show Podcast


Dr. Adam Zwig is a world renowned psychologist-musician, educator, and author. Billboard calls him a “Renaissance man.” In this show, he merges psychology, communication theory, physics, neuroscience, and rock n roll to show how bad states of mind and difficult life issues aren’t pathological but rather signs of personal growth trying to happen. The episodes give you cutting edge information and practical tools for transforming your problems. New episodes every Tuesday.

The Mind Controls the Brain, Not the Reverse

You have the power to transform your states of mind; you’re not a victim of brain chemistry. Awareness is the key to changing your problems but neuroscience is in complete darkness about it.

Brain studies have given us knowledge about neurons, neural circuits, neurotransmitters, and brain lesions but they tell us nothing about awareness itself, and how we achieve agency from this mysterious source called “I” (which can’t be found in the brain).

How to Work on Your Problems – Exercise #1 – Take Control of Your Awareness

Every problem contains its own intrinsic solution. To transform your life issues you have to go through an experiential process that connects you with their meaning and purpose for your personal growth. Simple beginner exercise included.

Mindfulness Won’t Solve Your Problems—You Have to Process Them

Mindfulness-based self help methods and meditation are useful for developing basic self awareness but they won’t transform your problems. You have to process them.

Transforming Depression into Personal Power

A young woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder imagines her depression as a thousand pound gorilla sitting on her, and uses this image to transform her problem and her life.

Bad States of Mind Aren’t Illnesses—They’re Personal Growth Processes

Psychology and psychiatry have it all wrong—messed up states of mind like depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc., aren’t “diseases,” they’re unrealized personal growth processes.

Your Problems Are Your Personal Growth Trying To Happen

Your life troubles aren’t “wrong.” Every difficulty you experience is a meaningful and purposeful process designed to wake you up to the hidden directions and deeper dimensions of your life. Connecting with this process is how to change, heal, and grow.