PRESS: Evolution of Media Review of “Cast Iron Letters”


Article originally published on July 12, 2007 by Erin Worm

Evolution of Media
Review of "Cast Iron Letters"
Conscious Records
Written by Erin Worm
7 / 12 / 07

Adam Zwig had great success as the founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist of 90s group, Shapeshifter. Known for the hit single, “My Enemy,” the group was amongst the favorites of top critics but Zwig eventually decided to continue along a different path. He became a solo artist in 2002 and moved in an earthy and more authentic direction, with a focus on diverging away from mainstream culture. Cast Iron Letters is Zwig’s fourth solo release and he is categorically doing what he set out to do in 2002.

The search for freedom and justice is a reoccurring theme on this album. “Castaways,” is about escaping our deepest troubles. He sings, “we are riding down/like castaways/we are burning down /our dying days /we are riding down/ to the sea/ we are riding down/ to be free!” Inspired by Bob Dylan, Zwig’s lyrics are meaningful and provoking. Darken Days combines gentle grooves and intense lyrics. Over heavy rhythm and pedal steel guitar melodies, Zwig’s stoner voice whispers, “Just give me a sign/ and their on their way/ Lose all their chains/ from darken days.” “Darken Days” illustrates his spiritual and socially conscious side. On “Freedom Flashing”, Zwig cradles between supple melodies and soft spoken expression and once again, the melodies and lyrics are unique and profound.

It is without doubt that Adam Zwig is a brilliant songwriter. With socially conscious lyrics reminiscent of Bob Dylan and a smooth, earthy tone, Zwig has cultivated a modern folk sound that, just like cast iron, will stand the test of time.

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