‘Live at the Wiltern Theatre’ Album Release!


‘Live at the Wiltern Theatre’ Album Release! Dr. Adam Zwig

We’re very proud to announce the release of Adam’s new album, ‘Live at the Wiltern Theatre’, featuring Adam and his band rocking out to a capacity crowd in Los Angeles! Recorded/produced by Grammy winner David Bianco. Available on iTunes here: https://goo.gl/ehL28c

Billboard interviewed Adam:

"Billboard caught up with Dr. Zwig to talk about his seventh album, what it’s like to see his patients in the crowd at shows, and how music and therapy are one and the same conversation. With a national tour and upcoming orchestral album on the way in 2016, the conversation does not show any signs of stopping for Zwig. " To read the interview and listen to the tunes go here: http://goo.gl/qOtG0P

Here's one of the Q&A's from the interview:

[Billboard] What is the connection between music and psychology?

[Adam] From the outside, it looks like I have two different careers. But for me, it’s one and the same thing. It’s just two different ways to bring out the feelings and perceptions we all have but don’t acknowledge. Like, you know how a song makes you feel a certain way? Happy or sad or uplifted or something -- those feelings are already in you. That’s why you’re drawn to certain music. And the music somehow magically connects you to something within yourself. It’s this other way of experiencing the moment. And therapy delves deeper into these experiences that live on the fringes of who you are. So I might see clients in the morning and write a song in the afternoon, and play a gig that night. It all feels pretty similar to me.

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