Inner Work Exercises and Meditations During Corona: Part 4


Dr. Zwig

You can transform your worried state.

If you’re anxious, try these simple at-home interventions:

1. Distinguish the facts on the ground from fear-inducing media messages with hypothetical charts and graphs of future doom. Be informed but don’t watch the news all day.

2. Close your eyes and breathe very slowly and deeply for five minutes. You can also Google breathing exercises that calm you.

3. Combine deep breathing with yoga. Google yoga lessons on YouTube.

4. Exercise at home.

5. Finish your hot shower with a cold shower.

6. Process your state of mind:

You’re more than your anxious feeling; it’s just one part of you.

Become aware of this part. Observe it. Study it.

Visualize it as a character, and dialogue with it.

Ask it the details of its fears and worries.

Then respond to it with the wisdom you imagine a wise sage would offer.

Have a daily dialogue with this scared part of yourself, but don’t identify with it. Instead of willingly participating in it, use your awareness and strength to calm and reassure it.

Dr. Zwig

Events are not random. They happen for a reason.

Everything we experience is meaningful and purposeful.

Problems are messages for our growth and change.

This doesn’t only apply to us as individuals; it also applies to the world.

Like an individual, the world is an organism, a living system of humans that experiences problems in order to increase its consciousness.

World problems challenge us to raise our awareness.

Now that social distancing is the new norm, we should ask ourselves what we need to learn from it.

How does it encourage you to increase your awareness?

Does it raise your awareness of the need to spend time and connect more with loved ones?

Does it force you to learn how to spend time alone, and to improve your relationship with yourself?

What learning and growth are you being asked to explore, and how will you implement it when world conditions return to normal?

Stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Zwig

Challenging times demand we change and grow.

Whether the source of the challenge is internal or external makes no difference; it asks you examine yourself on a deeper level.

It’s not enough to just “cope” with our current difficulties.

We need to turn off the TV, close our computers, and reflect on what’s being asked of us as individuals and as a community.

Meditate on how you need to change and grow in your inner life, your relationships, and your role in the world.

Stay safe and healthy, and donate to food banks if you’re able.

Dr. Zwig

Your mind has profound powers.

It can protect, heal, and transform, but it can also cause depression, anxiety, ill health, etc.

The mind is processed through the brain / nervous system, which controls the endocrine system, which, in turn controls the immune system.

We’re the metabolic expression of everything happening in our psyches.

The way medical directives are communicated can sometimes have unhealthy side effects.

Don’t let fear rule your imagination.

Follow directives but believe in the power of your process!


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