Inner Work Exercises and Meditations During Corona: Part 3


Dr. Zwig

Greatness is achieved through personal isolation. Now it’s your turn to become great.

Great musicians spend thousands of hours practicing alone.

So do scientists, artists, entertainers, and to some extent, athletes.

You can also apply this to your inner life and your relationships.

You can’t solve your problems by avoiding them.

You have to make time to process them.

Fate has pushed us into isolation, and now is the time to transform your deficiencies into greatness.

Choose something you want to change or improve, and commit to using this time to work on it.

This will not only help you, it will be good for the world too.

Dr. Zwig

Crises show us what we’re made of.

In our everyday lives we use a multitude of methods for distracting ourselves from ourselves.

We avoid, ignore, repress, and run from our inner fears, demons, and problems.

When crisis hits it rips us open and exposes what we’ve been hiding from.

It’s scary but now is the perfect time to take your inner life seriously and begin to work on your problems.

Take time each day to focus on them, confront them, wrestle with them, process them.

In Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters — one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

Problems in the world, in our relationships, and in ourselves present us with danger in order to give us the opportunity to change and grow.

Dr. Zwig

Good morning! Let’s start the week with gratitude, prayers, and condolences.

Have conscious appreciation for all the people tirelessly working to deal with this crisis.

Give thanks to the heroes and heroines in health care.

Appreciate the farmers, truckers, and grocery store workers who continue to do their job.

Thank our lucky stars for Louis Pasteur (established the germ theory of disease in the 1800s) and his predecessors.

Be conscious of how fortunate we are to have internet, TV, cars, and homes.

Be conscious that there are folks with no homes or food to eat; donate to shelters and food banks.

Say a special prayer for the people in the countries hardest hit.

Say a prayer for those devastated economically.

Say a prayer of condolences to all those directly affected by corona, and to the souls of the departed who had to die alone in isolation.

This is a wake up call: Things like this happen to force the world to come together and realize we’re all one.

Dr. Zwig

Which path should you take in life? The path of heart.

In the end, all the health, happiness, and hope, and even fame, fortune, family, and friends won’t matter a hoot if you haven’t followed your path of heart.

You have the power to co-create your life, and the most important question you can ask yourself is: “What’s my path of heart, and how can I walk it?

Now is the perfect time to explore this.

Use this time of crisis to get down to what really matters.

Stay safe and healthy, donate to service charities, and hunt for your authentic, highest self.


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