Exercise from Dr. Zwig’s Zurich Workshop! Seven Steps to Transform a Problem


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Here’s an exercise you can use for almost any problem - a bad state of mind, a relationship conflict, or even figuring out what to do with your life. It’s a way to hack into your process and begin to transform what’s happening.

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Exercise from Dr. Zwig’s Zurich Workshop! One-Step Method to Transform a Problem


Dr. Zwig

Need to make a quick intervention on a problem you’re dealing with? Imagine you're 99 years old, look back at yourself where you are now in your life, and give yourself some sage advice. The more time you take to see and feel deeply into being a 99 year old person...

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Use Your Hero / Heroine to Help Solve a Problem


Despite the many drawbacks of our celebrity culture, one positive aspect is that it gives people lots of opportunity to project their inner heroes and heroines onto real figures. In this exercise, we’re going to use your hero / heroine to help you work through a problem. 

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Four Steps to Transform Envy into Personal Power


In this era of famous Instagram models, popular YouTubers, and public figures who seem to have it all, it’s easy to get in a complex that you’re not good enough. 

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