How One Song Healed a Year of Sadness


Sandy’s Distraction *
I don’t usually use music in my practice but I want to tell you about a client who had a strange musical experience in our session. Sandy, a 46 year-old receptionist, told me that she’d been depressed ever since her divorce a year earlier, and despite doing her best to get on with life she couldn’t seem to break out of her sadness. I asked her to describe her feelings in detail and she said, “I feel lost and sad and empty but I try not to focus on it. It’s such a struggle.”

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New Exercise: How To Access Your Inner Freedom To Solve A Difficult Issue


By Adam Zwig, PhD

Dr. Zwig

We often get stuck in a problem and cycle around it for extended periods. Wouldn’t it be great if you could untie the knot and go free? Here’s a way to begin to do this.

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How Your Problems Are Your Personal Growth Trying To Happen


What’s the first thing you think of when you feel messed up in your life? If you’re like most people, it's, “I gotta get rid of this issue.” But the conventional wisdom on how to deal with problems—meaning whatever disturbs you in your life—is all wrong. 

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Who’s Thinking? Who’s Feeling? Who’s Reacting?


Dr. Zwig

Your inner experiences don’t all come from the same source. ⁣

Some of them come from your conscious awareness but others come from unconscious parts of your mind —feelings, thoughts, and needs that aren’t yet accessible to your awareness. ⁣

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