Four Steps to Transform Envy into Personal Power


By Adam Zwig, PhD

In this era of famous Instagram models, popular YouTubers, and public figures who seem to have it all, it’s easy to get in a complex that you’re not good enough. The constant barrage of images of success and perfection can make you feel depressed and resentful that...

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Why People Believe Falsehoods about the Brain and Mental Health


When I lived in Switzerland I worked in a neuroscience lab for a while looking at brain scans of depressed people. I noticed that what we did in the lab and what the public thought we did were two entirely different things. I was doing my doctorate in clinical psychology and was well aware that there’s always going to be a gap in what the public understands about science but this particular misunderstanding disturbed me because of its implications.

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How Jeremy Broke Out of His Muteness


Jeremy's Silent Fight *
Jeremy was a twenty-year-old man who came to my practice in Zurich at the insistence of his parents and doctors. He had stopped speaking, wouldn’t go to his university classes, and had withdrawn into his apartment. When his parents visited him he sat completely still in the corner, wouldn’t talk to them, and didn’t even make eye contact. They forced him to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed him with Selective Mutism Disorder which is a type of social anxiety that makes one clam up in certain situations. The diagnosis didn’t make any sense to his parents since Jeremy had always been outgoing, so they sent him to another shrink.

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Use Your Hero / Heroine to Help Solve a Problem


By Adam Zwig, PhD

Despite the many drawbacks of our celebrity culture, one positive aspect is that it gives people lots of opportunity to project their inner heroes and heroines onto real figures. In this exercise, we’re going to use your hero / heroine to help you work through a...

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