Month: August 2022

Your problems are your agents of growth.

The psyche has two main interacting parts. One, is our primary identity. It speaks in “I” statements. "I’m so-and-so, this is what I want, like, dislike, think, feel, believe, etc.. I call this our "First Mind" because it’s the first thing that comes into our...

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You can rise above your limiting beliefs!

Life has a way of disempowering people. But our power doesn’t disappear. Shut out of consciousness, it slinks around in in the shadows of our subconscious. Then it bursts forth in depression, anxiety, attention deficit, physical symptoms and illness, and in extreme...

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How One Song Healed a Year of Sadness

I don’t usually use music in my practice but I want to tell you about a client who had a strange musical experience in our session. Sandy, a 46 year-old receptionist, told me that she’d been depressed ever since her divorce a year earlier, and despite doing her best to get on with life she couldn’t seem to break out of her sadness. I asked her to describe her feelings in detail and she said, “I feel lost and sad and empty but I try not to focus on it. It’s such a struggle.”

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