Month: January 2022

Start your week by being a revolutionary!

We all have at least one ongoing problem in our life that defines us in some way. It persists over time and becomes part of our identity. We experience it has having a certain power over us which we can’t seem to overcome. But this seemingly intractable issue persists...

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Start your week by connecting with your process!

It’s hard to get out of old patterns. This is because the direction we need to move is hidden from our consciousness. It’s there but we don’t see it. We can’t feel it. How do we connect with something we can’t see or feel? By engaging with our imagination. Imagination...

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How Jeremy Broke Out of His Muteness

Jeremy was a twenty-year-old man who came to my practice in Zurich at the insistence of his parents and doctors. He had stopped speaking, wouldn’t go to his university classes, and had withdrawn into his apartment. When his parents visited him he sat completely still in the corner, wouldn’t talk to them, and didn’t even make eye contact. They forced him to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed him with Selective Mutism Disorder which is a type of social anxiety that makes one clam up in certain situations.

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